Oh, Donald, Donald!

Oh, Donald, Donald!

PLEASE do us all a favor and shut the F up.  I mean it in the most positive way. The people that elected you still strongly believe in many or all of the major positions you represent. Growing economy, secure borders, safety from terrorists, major tax reform, school reform and much more…Our problem is that you thought we voted for you…what we voted for is the ideas you represent. Most of us couldn’t believe that none of the pathetic group of republican candidates caught on to the sentiment of the country and spoke to the same priorities you did. Maybe that’s because there are no longer patriots (a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors) but rather politicians (a person who is professionally involved in politics, especially as a holder of or a candidate for an elected office OR a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization)

…Unfortunately, you were the only voice speaking to the issues we feel are important.

Then on election night we sat in disbelief as you won the election against probably the worst candidate the democrats have produced in decades. I guess we would rather have a self-centered, overly sensitive egomaniac than a thief and liar as our president   quite a choice

Maybe you could start by appreciating that you won the election because you ran against Hilary Clinton. You probably would have lost to almost any other legitimate democrat candidate but then the democrats fixed their own elections…that’s another story (Thanks Debbie)

Here we are almost 9 months into your presidency and you have accomplished little. Of course, you, as your OWN biggest cheerleader, talk every day of your unbelievable accomplishments. Problem is they aren’t real. We understand the pathetic republican politicians can’t get out of their own way and there isn’t a democrat with the balls to vote their convictions but the leader of the country is supposed to find a path to practical compromise.

Donald, you are NOT the best leader, you are NOT the best negotiator, you are NOT the best businessman, every positive action by those around you was not originally your idea …I could go on but I’m sure the readers of this know the long list of what you are not.

Our biggest disappointment is that your incredible ego is getting in the way of  accomplishing the changes we want.

You say that if someone hits out at you, you hit back harder. The truth is a true mature leader knowns not only when to hit back but more importantly when NOT to hit back…when to let it slide but your immense ego doesn’t let that happen. A true mature leader doesn’t hit back if a 6 year old calls them a doody head or when his house is on fire and he chooses to waste his time cause someone says they are smarter then him…You have no filter but a better description is that you have no judgement.

You fight with congressmen, business leaders, other heads of state, you own cabinet and even fools like Rosie O’Donnell. In fact, we can’t think of an instance when someone has said something even mildly derogatory about you without your losing your mind and striking back.

I believed from the very start that you represented a group of goals that were right for the country, I was concerned that you weren’t the right man to get those goals achieved

Donald, why are you doing everything in you power to prove me right

Shut up, you egomaniac and get the things you promised done of the USA


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