Trump isn’t nearly as good a negotiator as he thinks!!  

Trump isn’t nearly as good a negotiator as he thinks!!       

The question really is “are his accusers in a position to comment on what makes a good negotiator”

Having experienced hundreds of negotiations throughout my career, I can say with reasonable certainty, most people are lousy negotiators. They don’t really negotiate…they “SPLIT THE DIFFERENCE” it might amaze you how close to the middle the typical negotiation ends from the original bargaining positions.

The typical negotiator wants to quickly get to the critical deal points “THE MONEY” and get the other points quickly out of the way. An experienced negotiator, originates their negotiation by putting as many negotiable items on the table as they can possibly identify…why would they complicate the deal…Well, firstly, while hard to believe, “IT’S NEVER ABOUT THE MONEY!!”   it’s mostly about the perceived value…yet most people want to bicker over the money. By laying out all the possible points of negotiation, the experience negotiator can learn of his competitors “hot buttons” and “emotional” softspots. He can find issues that he can give away without any pain while receiving something in return. The more knowledge you have of the hidden interests and constraints under which your bargaining partner is operating, the more negotiation power you have,

Your Bargaining Partner Will Be Happier if You Make Several Concessions Than if They Get What They Thinks They Want Immediatly… Why? Because negotiators are more afraid of leaving “money” on the table than they are about getting what they think they want. If I ask for a 5% price increase and my client says “yes” without hesitation, I generally suffer from buyer’s remorse, certain that if I’d asked for 7% or maybe even 10%, my client would have given it to me.

You don’t have to prove something that justifies what you want; all you have to do is say you want it.

If you are unable to walk away from a deal in any circumstance…then you’re not negotiating…. your faking it until you have to take what’s being offered…remember,   The Negotiation Doesn’t Start Until Someone Says “No”

So let’s get back to Trump, it’s not about a quick victory at any cost, it’s about a strategy to accomplish the best you can over time…Trumps decertification of the Iran deal is just a step in the negotiation as much as the Iranians saying they will never renegotiate the deal” they both understand this is about the broader USA- Iran relationship of the future

Trump is also experienced enough to transfer responsibility of the Iran renegotiation, the Obamacare issues, etc to Congress. He knows the average Congressman isn’t a negotiator, they are politicians 2ho give stuff away (mostly which doesn’t really belong to them) to reach their only goal…maintain the power that comes with being a Congressman/Senator.

After these guys fail to reach a deal….Trump will find a way to evaluate each sides hot buttons and use that to reach a compromise which is what a negotiation really is all about and he will declare victory  …… and so will his supporters


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