Managing our Immigration Policies arent being Racist etc they are being generous

One of the issues I have with our current national dialog is that those who are not willing to just open our boarders are considered racist, homophobic , xenophobic etc. How can a concern over an orderly, well managed process which allows others into our country be turned into something ugly and anti people. It is an ugly elitism that we are better than others and therefore have to be magnanimous to the lessers of the world.

What has been the unintended or even possibly intended consequence is the disadvantage of all willing to follow the rules and most important, those who own this country, the CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES..You take care of your own first, it is your primary responsibility, you care for your spouse and children, then your immediate family, then extended etc. caring for those interested in coming here from Indonesia, Chad or Saudi Arabia is just not as high a responsibility as caring for those close to you. And if you believe that this isn’t true, aside from feeling pity for your family, I feel pity for the elite arrogance that has you in its trap.

Tom Cotton has written a very thoughtful piece on this subject along with some practical solutions. For those interested in this subject it is worth the time to read      Tom Cotton on Immigration

 Check out my rantings on   you will never know what’s next on my wandering mind….I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR YOUR VIEW ON THIS


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