Howard Gillman, Chancellor of UC Irvine is a fraud…good news for him is that the residents of California are for the most part stupid!!

Hope this headline got your attention or at least pissed you off. The University of California, as part of the UC system, was designed, as most state University systems are, to provide quality education to the residents of the state. As an alternative to a private University education, which in many cases is prohibitively expensive, the state University systems are heavily subsidized by their state governments and hopefully prepare the states college population with an education for them to compete for jobs and enhance their lifestyle.

Not so at UC Irvine…statistics show that approximately 50% of students are Asian and another 25% Hispanic…Many of whom are not California residents. While the UCI website says 90% of undergraduates are California residents, anyone who has ever been to the Universities location or surrounding areas knows by mere observation this is NOT close to the truth.


I was not aware that the UC system was primarily charged with educating foreign students, who after graduation, to a large part return to their native country. The argument goes that out of state (or in this case out of country attendees) pay a larger fee…numbers don’t lie…there are 33,000 UCI students…In state students pay 15K tuition and out of state pay 41K…or 26K more per student….if ½ the students are out of state (I suggest this is a very low estimate) the tuition difference is over 400 million.

The argument is that increased school income allows for attraction of the best faculty…However this “BEST” faculty is being used to educate non Californians, and in the case of UCI mostly Asian students who return to their homeland after receiving their education and use those skills to compete with our American students, who are rejected from UCI cause the schools if full of foreign students. So while the schools budgets are larger due to out of state fees, those funds are not being used to educate our California kids.

The end result is that a large number of California kids do not get to benefit from the supposed increase in quality of education created by higher paid professors (I really question this assumption) as they are blocked from admission by higher fee paying out of staters.   You might argue that these out of state or out of country students have higher credentials, which may be true, but isn’t the University of California systems charter to provide the best education possible to our CALIFORNIA students…

Chancellor Gillman and his administration lie about the ethnic and country of origin…Many, Many foreign students create a residency in California by having a temporary residence…the vast majority of local residence know this is the case. Deceiving the residents of California by reporting statistics that are manipulated is disingenuous and the ill informed (Stupid) populace of California who allow our VERY high tax dollars to be used to educate our future potential competitors assures our next generations will not have the lifestyle our next generations deserve.

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