Im going to finally admit it….I AM A RACIST

From my childhood the term “racist” was someone who thought “negroes” weren’t as good as whites.  As time passed the usage of the word “racist” has expanded and become associated with someone who holds this same inferior/superior view of many different races. The dictionary definition is: a person who shows or feels discrimination or prejudice against people of other races, or who believes that a particular race is superior to another.

So… stigmatizing a whole social group or category is considered racist.

I have discovered I am a racist. I do feel those individuals who belong to the group that constantly uses the term RACIST as a weapon to denigrate people with opinions other than their own are truly lesser individuals than those that use facts and consider others opinions.   I call these people the elitists. They believe that their views are the right views and disrespect any views that differ from theirs.

We are all capable of thought and our opinions and views are often different based on our knowledge and the experiences we have. There is a clear difference in those that see differing views as a different perspective and those who view an opinion that’s differs from theirs as a “wrong opinion”

But how do you argue that someone else’s view on a subject is wrong…to do that you might have to use “facts” which often aren’t available…much easier is labeling them racist…a term that most of us abhor, and thereby eliminating their view or opinion as invalid

So yes, IM a racist…I believe those people incapable of considering others opinions and consider themselves and their opinions as superior and therefore above consideration of others views are in fact inferior and deserving of my disdain

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